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Complete Enpowerment Goal : $ 500.00 Raised : $ 0

Ms.Okwuenyi's house is collapsing
Full Sponsorship
Family feeding for this month :$ 50.00/month
Open a small business :$ 200.00/month
Save my house from collapsing :$ 300.00/year
Sponsor only a few days meal :$ 2.00/day

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Mrs. Okwuenyi Aharanya lost her husband in 2011 since then her life has been miserable. She says "as you see me now, I have no place to live, I am staying right now in a make-shift house that is collapsing. I had 7 children, 5 of them died, my daughter disappeared in 1992 and has not been found. I am staying alone and depend on proceeds from the farm; but becuase of lack money to hire labourers to help me in the farm, I'm often left with nothing to harvest".

With your donation POWER will help repair Ms Okwuenyi's house to avoid the house collapsing on her in the next rainy season.


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