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Jesinta needs urgent help
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Open a small business :$ 200.00/month
Learn a new skill :$ 100.00/month
Family feeding for this month :$ 100.00/month
Sponsor only a few days meal :$ 5.00/day

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Jesinta Onyebuchi from Abia State Nigeria was maried for 15 years before her husband died in 2009, she has 5 children and all of them are now houseboys and girls with different people since she cannot care for them herself. She lives on petty farming job that she is hired to do during farming seasons. And for her own feeding, she depends on a rented piece of land to farm on. Her husband did not own any land of his own. She has no family of her own to fall back to, her children are all without hope. She says if she could get any help, it would enable her to take care of her self and empower her children too.

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